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CAC Barbershop Singing

CAC’s music is in the treble barbershop range. In most cases our singers would be categorized as sopranos, mezzo-sopranos, altos/contraltos and even tenors. Our voice parts for barbershop harmony have different names and functions than they do in other SATB or SSAA vocal styles as described below.

"Not sure what part you are? Don't worry, we'll voice-place you when you visit!"



 The highest harmony part, usually sung above the lead. This part is the best fit for a light soprano, with a typical range from G above middle C to a high F above middle C.


Often the melody and focal point of any barbershop performance. The voicing is equivalent to a Soprano II and typically ranges from the A below middle C to the D above middle C.


The harmony closest to the lead notes, which makes it the perfect part for someone who loves a musical challenge! This range is similar to Soprano II/Alto I and typically spans a G below middle C to the C above middle C. 



The lowest harmony part and the foundation of the barbershop chord. The range is comparable to a contralto or Alto II in traditional chorus music, typically ranging from E-flat below middle C to G above middle C.

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