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Sinchronicity 2019 picture.jpg
Tenor: Lara Peirce
Lead:  Peggy Tumey
Bari:    Katja Nidel
Bass:   Robin Palmer

Formed as a performance quartet rather than a competition quartet, Singchronicity has been delighting audiences since 2012. Members of the group have previously sung in symphony choruses, church choirs, college and high school a cappella choirs, a high school barbershop quartet, and musical theater.  All four are proud members of Capital Accord Chorus in Silver Spring, MD.  In February 2018 Singchronicity had the good fortune to be featured on WAMU, Washington, D.C.’s public radio station, as part of a Valentine’s Day segment. Check it out here!


Although they have diverse musical backgrounds, friendship and ringing chords unite them.

Contact Robin Palmer at

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