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What Members Say . . .

Here's what a few of our chorus members have to say about Capital Accord:

Kate M.

Rockville, Maryland

"This group is full of the most amazing women! At my very first rehearsal after spotting a flyer in a coffee shop, I knew it would be a great place to be. You walk in, and everybody’s so welcoming and friendly – and we make really good music too!"

Maria P.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"The most fun I ever had was putting on make-up before competition and when we performed. It made me want to join. I like to sing, too, but I do like dressing up."

Sandra M.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"Something just happens on Tuesday nights - you’re kind of tuned into wanting to be at rehearsal. and we all look forward to it. There’s true camaraderie and the sound somehow “shimmers.” It’s a magical moment when our voices blend and we all smile."

Marilyn L.

Chevy Chase, Maryland

"The people in this chorus work hard to maintain our quality sound without losing sight of the fact that we're in this hobby to have fun. The tone is set by our fabulous director who brings her significant expertise and wonderful sense of humor to every rehearsal."

Peggy T.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"I've always wanted to belong to a singing group that performed a wide variety of fun, energetic music from classic oldies to show tunes and everything in between! Capital Accord Chorus was the perfect fit offering me all that and so much more - friendships, challenging music, and even choreography. It's like Glee for grownups! I love it."

Maggie A.

Westminster, Maryland

"I think we have a wonderful sound and a lot of interesting people to work with."

Carol M.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"I look forward to singing on Tuesday nights with the Capital Accord. We are a very close and caring group and there is such great camaraderie among the ladies. Plus our sound is really awesome!"

Amy H.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"I love the harmony – the precision of the harmony – and it’s so much fun to sing. And I found I like performing! Kind of surprised myself with that a little."

Sandra L.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"I joined the chorus because I felt something was lacking in my life. I knew that the singing would bring me joy, but I never expected to also find a family. The Capital Accord Chorus is an integral part of my life. Without it, my quality of life would be diminished."

Robin P.

Silver Spring, Maryland

"Discovering and joining the Capital Accord Chorus was one of the best things that has happened to me in years. To come together every week with this amazing group of women to laugh, work hard, and create beautiful music is a joyful experience."

Gana B.

Washington, DC

"I joined Capital Accord Chorus with no clue as to what I was getting into. Sure it's the singing, but it's also the camaraderie and the opportunity to participate in something that greatly expands my comfort zone. Best of all, it's just plain fun."

Olney, Maryland

"I love to sing a cappella and have enjoyed immensely doing it with a group that is very friendly and shares the love of singing. Learning a piece of music can be challenging, but the results are worth the work!"

Barb C.

Silver Spring, MD

"Joining Capital Accord Chorus has provided me with an important outlet to express my soul through music. Creating music with my 'Sisters on the Risers' has been one of the most rewarding experiences I've had in decades!"

Betsy B.

Bethesda, Maryland

"When I first came to rehearsal, the group sounded great and I wondered if I could sing like that. Guess what? I could. It’s fun hearing myself improve and become part of that great sound, and I love hanging out with these wonderful, supportive, talented women."

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