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About Sharing Voices

Program Goals


  • Establish community connections, across geographical, racial and other boundaries, through group dialogue and barbershop singing, using HALO’s Race and #RealTalk barbershop metaphor.


  • Foster trusting relationships and safe space for guided dialogue about how racism and other inequities keep communities apart.


  • Support musicians and musical organizations on paths toward diversity, inclusion, long-term connections, and cultures of belonging.


About the Program


The Sharing Voices: Race and #Real Talk dialogues are led by HALO, facilitating dialogue and group music making/barbershop singing with licensed clinical professionals: Niambi Powell, LCSW-C (Licensed Certified Social Worker- Clinical) and Shana Oshiro, MT-BC (Music Therapist, Board-Certified).


The dialogues and concert are supported by the Capital Accord Chorus and its Culture of Belonging Project, with partial funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts and Humanities Council.


Area musicians and leaders of musical organizations who wish to participate will register to attend 8 sessions (to be held on Saturdays, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM, between Januarythrough May 2024) for group discussion, exploration and discovery of issues that disrupt our opportunity to connect with and serve our communities. Five sessions will be held virtually, with another three in person for discussion and to rehearse for the culminating concert. 


The series will culminate in a community program/concert (to be held around June 19, 2024) that will serve as a fundraiser for one or more community music initiatives. Some participating groups will have the opportunity to perform music from their current repertoire. The full group will also be invited to conclude the program with a shared group song, the preparation for which will be part of the Sharing Voices program process.


Get Connected


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To express interest in participating,  please fill out this interest form.

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