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Digital History - 2017-2018

Oh what a year we had! Capital Accord Chorus...

Chorus Year 2017-2018 was a good one for Capital Accord Chorus. We advanced musically but maintained our small chorus closeness and character. We enjoyed learning and performing new music, much of which followed a jazzy theme. Of course, as we learned from Jazz Came Up the River, barbershop has strong roots in the jazz genre. And we debuted a snazzy new website to go along with the rest of the that jazz.

Thank you, thank you, Sherry Stanton and the rest of the music team for keeping us fresh, for all we're learning about barbershop music, and for helping us become better singers and provide music and service to the community.

Although the year's choral accomplishments filled us with joy, we grieved with members who experienced sadness off the risers,

Learned new music

Gained new musical skills

Performed for the community

Sing for the Holidays

Singing Valentines


Participated in regional and international barbershop music events

Enjoyed our time together - on and off the risers!

Enjoy this Digital History of our chorus year!

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